22 May

Come one, come all! TKTWENTYTWO is having a stock clearance and there’s plenty of cool items that you can get with a good price!

8" DIY QEE Figurine

8″ DIY QEE Figurine
Colour: Blue, Pink, Yellow
RM99.90 NOW only RM59.90 each

KAW X Bearbrick

KAW-Bearbrick Crossover Figurine
Colour: Grey, Brown
RM99.90 NOW only RM59.90 each



Bearbrick Batman & Joker
RM120.00 NOW only RM90.00 each

Astro Boy

Sleepy Astro Boy (Coin Bank)
RM89.90 NOW only RM62.90  each


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15 May

For all you poker lovers out there, this is an awesome set of poker chips for you.
It’s clay composite, each chip weighs 11.5g, with golden-printed numbers inlays and most importantly it comes with complimentary of 5 professional dices, 2 decks of playing cards, dealer button, small & big blind buttons and an lockable, aluminium briefcase. Like i said, A.W.E.S.O.M.E!

50 pieces $1 (White/Blue)
50 pieces $5 (Red/White)
50 pieces $10 (Yellow/White)
50 pieces $20 (Green/White)
50 pieces $50 (Blue/White)
50 pieces $100 (Black/White)

300 pieces Professional Poker Chips

Aluminium Briefcase

Golden-printed Numbering Inlays


Well, you can also grab one of these as your additional chips for your just-in-case moments. It’s 100 pieces of the same, professional quality chips as mentioned above, only this is without numbering, thus making it easier and more versatile  for your game. In other words, it will be a reserve chips to whichever amount of chips that you lack of.*heavenly* 🙂

100 pieces Poker Chips


Anytime you needed an upgrade for your casino lifestyle, well you can do it here too! Introducing the Texas Hold’Em Poker Table  that not only looks cool, and it’s easy to bring about to wherever you wanna go and show it to whoever you wanna impress. Hey, trust me, it’s gonna worth it!

8 Player Position Poker Table Top
Table Size: 48″ x 48″
Folding Size: 24″ x 24″
Chip Trays & Cup Holder

Texas Hold'Em Poker Table


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all new and more to come..

14 May

Hi Guys!  This blog would be updated more frequently and hope you would visit more often from now on. Check out the latest products in store and we will deliver it to you!

-tk22 🙂

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Holiday Season!!

12 Dec

Remember I was introducing you to the Toothpaste tissue dispenser? I forgot to mention that there’s another type of tissue dispenser which is equally hilarious if not more. You’ll see what i mean. Take a look!


Then there’s this really cute FM Radio that i was dying to get when i first saw it. Now finally it’s here, i can’t get enough of it. It’s so retro! I love retro! Hehe


If that wasn’t enough, wait till you see this little man working so hard to hold up a bottle of ….wine? Aren’t they just adorable? Look closer and you’ll see the funny look on their faces as if they were REALLY exhausted from the stupid big*ss bottle!


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1 Dec

Now, there is exactly another 24 days for you to hunt down Christmas gifts for your family and friends. And why don’t you start now?

Why don’t we start by having something that can be useful in a party or any other festive season? This Drunken Roulette seemed ideal, don’t you think? *wink*



how about this toothaste tissue dispenser? Can decorate your car, your room, your house, etc. Your choice!



how do u fair with the latest figurine by bloc28, Mickey? COOL, if i may say so myself!


Come here right now! What r u waitin for?

Haven’t seen u in a while..

30 Nov

Latest post is somewhat loooong time ago but it’s ok, i’m here to update more stuff to this blog.

Christmas is just around the corner, and i’m sure you’ll be as anxious as i am when it comes to choosing the perfect christmas presents for your loved ones. Hmm, maybe in my case, just perfect present, minus the christmas. (i don’t really celebrate them..)

So, let’s see, what’s new in our store that is hard to resist?

How about this collection of Simpson Family figurine?

Simpson family


this multi-functional deco umbrella? Hmm, it’s quite stylish to carry this when u don’t need umbrellas, don’t u think? That’s definitely a plus for being stylish AND functional at the same time.



Need to add more Bathing Ape accessories to your collection? Now we have the sling bag and Baby Milo pillow case. Come on, BAPE fans would be thrilled!!


Stay tune for more!

DIY KitKatQ into…….

25 Oct

A Batman?

Oh Hi, this is the once in a lifetime transformation from a Cat to a Bat. Yup. It sounds impossible but it’s been done, right here, right NOW!!

Check it out and tell me what u think!